Automation Benchmark

Are you an automation Fast Mover or a Follower? Benchmark your application automation maturity and plan your move into the Fast lane!

Traditional companies typically have a mix of cloud technology and ‘legacy’ on-premises applications and infrastructure. So, what’s the secret to ensuring your legacy technology doesn’t hold you back?

Answer 7 simple questions and find out how you stack up against your rivals on application automation maturity.

Our Application automation maturity index makes it clear that automation is a lever for acceleration in all areas of software development—both on-premises and in the cloud.

  • Automation has helped Fast Movers to - boost revenue, change business models, improve agility
  • The most cited obstacle to automating IT operations processes is - security concerns
  • Enterprises in the automation Slow Lane (Followers) have - automated just 21% of infrastructure provisioning, versus Fast Movers’ 68%
  • The best way to overcome automation obstacles is - CEO support for the project

Application automation maturity – where are you?

It just takes 5 mins to find out. Take our - Application automation maturity survey

Receive recommendations on how to move into the Fast Lane.

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