future of software testing

"The future of software testing – QA innovation and test automation"

Last year's TestExpo event was amazing with a lot of focus on software testing and test automation, SogetiLabs expert Tuukka Virtanen gives us a gist of the event in his latest blog. Read here.

Sogeti’s annual TestExpo event discussed the future outlook for the software testing industry, led by top professionals in the field. Read about my compilation of how artificial intelligence, machine learning or intelligent systems affect testing now and in the future.

TestExpo is a software testing industry event that brings to Finland a number of top professionals in the field to share their views on the future of testing and discuss what it means for testing here and now. This year I was able to get involved in the event and I collected the most interesting speeches and thoughts about the future of testing.

Read the entire blog post and interact with Tuukka on the SogetiLabs website.

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