Dolly Mackwan

"I feel very supported by my leaders"

Dolly started her career within the Group at Capgemini India. Today she works at Sogeti Stockholm and she feels very valued by her colleagues there. What motivates her to work for Sogeti is the opportunity to work with different infrastructures and solutions through different clients.

Describe yourself with 3 words:
Empathatic, Curious and Communicative.

Tell us a little bit about your background:

I have secured a diploma in IT Engineering and scored highest in networking and infrastructure which naturally intrigued me towards Office 365. I have been happily working with multiple projects as migrations specialist and Office 365 solution architect for more than 10 years. Out of these 10 years I have been a part of Capgemini India for 4 years and around 1 and half years with Sogeti Stockholm.

Your career at Sogeti:
My career in Sogeti has been a wonderful learning experience with respective to technical and personal grooming aspect.

Why are you passionate about the field of expertise you are skilled in?
Office 365 is a product with vast different features, as curious in nature, learning this product and getting an opportunity to apply solutions with these learnings gets me excited.

What can a regular work day look like?
It varies depending on client requirements and type of project being worked upon. Typically, it would be with few meetings, catch up with status of the project or tasks, work on to-do list, catch-up with a colleague for lunch, of course not during pandemic days though. 

Why do you work for Sogeti?
I was welcomed with warmth and care when I started working in Sogeti by my colleagues and especially my manager Annika Norberg and Branch Manager Åsa Uppströmer. I have always felt supported and valued by my colleagues. I get the opportunity to work with different infrastructure and different solutions thruoug different clients. These are the important factors which motivates me to work with Sogeti

What are the common denominators for a Sogetian?
Team work, integrity and communication are common denominators for  a Sogetian.

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  • Dolly Mackwan
    Dolly Mackwan
    Software Engineer, Sogeti Stockholm
    073-056 49 02

Name: Dolly Mackwan
Consultant, Sogeti Stockholm
Year of birth:
City where you live and work:
Married with a canine son
Reading novels and walks in nature

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