Sathish Puthra Bejjam

"I create tomorrow's efficient IT solutions.Today."

Sathish, joined Sogeti a few years ago since he heard that “There are no limits in Sogeti for anyone who likes challenges”. Today he works as Software Architect at our office in Stockholm. Get to know Sathish more here.

Describe yourself with 3 words:
Versatile, ambitious and honest.

Tell us a little bit about your background:
I grew up in Hyderabad, India. After Graduation I started my IT career back in 2015, Over the years I have worked on different technologies with different roles and handled multiple projects but mainly I’m visible as developer.

Your carrier at Sogeti? 
I joined Sogeti as a IT consultant and immediately ended up in an assignment where customer is focused on working modern methods and on cloud which is what I was looking for. Best part of working here in Sogeti is we have the option to choose the project that you are really interested in and put your skills to practice. Team managers are very friendly they will listen to what you actually want and help you to achieve it.

Why are you passionate about the field of expertise you are skilled in?
In short, to create efficient IT solutions. Cloud technology was always been my favorite but when I had flavor of Azure, I become passionate more about the product and it’s vast features.

What can a regular work day look like?
Typically, my work day starts with quickly catching up on emails and followed by few meetings and discussions. Building solutions to achieve the client requirements, helping team if they have any challenges with code.

Why do you work for Sogeti?
I came to know about Sogeti by reading one of Sogeti employee blog where he mentioned “There are no limits in Sogeti for anyone who likes challenges” and I was like that’s what I was looking for. When came across an opportunity with Sogeti without any second thought I accepted to be part of it and I got what I was expected. In Sogeti we have room to develop ourself and push forward. As once a wise man said, “There are no limits in Sogeti for anyone who likes challenges”.

What are the common denominators for a Sogetian?
Continuous learning, ability to work on challenging assignments and encouragement for completing the certification.

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  • Sathish Puthra Bejjam
    Sathish Puthra Bejjam
    IT Consultant
    073-022 88 53

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Name: Sathish Puthra Bejjam
IT Consultant
Year of birth:
City where you live and work:
Cycling, photography and gaming

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