Weiwei Feng

“I love to solve complex problems”

Get to know Weiwei, a passionate Data Scientist at our Borlänge office, creating value by developing Machine Learning solutions.

Describe yourself in three words:
Enthusiastic, creative and honest.

Tell us about your background!
I have a Masters in both Statistics and Artificial Intelligence. Before joining Sogeti I worked with Financial Forecasts and Robotics.

How about your career at Sogeti?
I started working at Sogeti in the beginning of 2019 in Sogeti and I work as a Data Scientist. I am working with Machine Learning applications within image analysis, text mining and optimization.

What are you most passionate about within your area of expertise?
I love to solve complex problems!

What does a daily workday look like?
I start the day by planning tasks for the day, prioritizing what needs attention first. I process the most demanding tasks in the morning, attend meetings if necessary and work out on a regular basis. I like to read research papers to stay on top of my game when I stay late in the office some day in a week.  And end the day reading with my kid in the evening.

Describe a ”typical” sogetian!
I would say driven, positive and competent.

Why do you work for Sogeti?
For multiple reasons. To get chances to be involved in many challenging projects, because Sogeti supports my personal development and that the company also appreciates my effort to dive deeper into problem-solving.

Portrait of Weiwei created with a simple deep neural network that she built to mimic painting styles

Portrait of Weiwei created with a simple deep neural network that she built to mimic painting styles

  • Weiwei Feng
    Weiwei Feng
    Senior Data Scientist, Borlänge
    073-036 22 98

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About Weiwei

Name: Weiwei Feng

Title: Senior Data Scientist

Birth year: 1981

City: Borlänge

Family: We are three in our family and my son is 12 years old

Free time interests: Training, musical and reading

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