Sogeti Careerbooster

Sogeti Careerbooster

Kickstart your career within the IT sector's hottest areas.

careerbooster2019_200.pngTo be skilled within areas of expertise where the demand is high is of course an asset. Through Sogeti Careerbooster you can get into the IT sector with the speed of light, tweek your careeer and expertise in the right direction and secure employment at Sogeti. All in just 11 weeks. 

Sogeti Careerbooster is a program for you that is new or quite new in the IT sector. You have a university degree within IT and you have recently finalized your education or are about to, or have worked a short while in IT. You would like to specialize within an area of expertise with high demand to build on your career. You would like to be employed in a forward-leaning, innovative and big IT company with muscles boht locally, nationally and globally. 

Then the Sogeti Careerbooster program is perfect for you. We will continously choose hot IT areas and we look for forward-leaning participants for the different tracks featured within Sogeti Careerbooster. Right now we offer 3 tracks; Cloud, RPA and Test Automation. Careerbooster is available in 16 Swedish Sogeti locations.

Available locations

Borlänge          Borås            Gävle              Göteborg 
Helsingborg   Jönköping    Karlstad        Linköping  
Luleå                 Malmö          Norrköping  Stockholm  
Sundsvall         Umeå            Västerås        Örebro

To see what tracks are availble per location and to apply, click on the location of your choice (information and applications are in Swedish). Application deadline: May 31


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