Career Paths

Career Paths

You are absolutely sure of what you want to work with? Fortunately for you we have national competence areas full of expertise that will help you progress further in your particular area. But what if you change your mind? Or, if you like many others do not have a clue about what you want to work with yet? And in a few years you may want to move to something else? No problem! With us, your career is a climbing wall.

The standard way to present career development is through the traditional ladder; to get up from point A to point B to point C, but reality tends to be different.  Therefore, we present our competency framework as a career climbing wall. Sometimes you need to go sideways and sometimes you need to go down to find the best way to the top. But the important thing is that you are constantly in motion.

Multiple opportunities

We are a complete IT and technology service provider with particular expertise in Digital Customer ExperienceDigital Assurance & TestingAI & AnalyticsCyber SecurityCloud and Digital Manufacturing. In addition, we have close partnerships with e.g. Microsoft, Xamarin, IBM, HPE, Amazon and EPiServer. To meet current and future demands on digital transformation, IoT and DevOps, we stay ahead of global trends such as Customer Journey Validation and Zero Touch Automation. Maybe you will be the one helping us to advance the next trend?

Developing self-driving cars or robot lawn mowers that flies over hedges? All our employees are part of a competence area where your personal and professional development is in focus.

Multiple roles

We believe you need both specific expertise and width in your work profile. Adding leadership, change management, business development and perhaps sales, then you have a fantastic development journey with us!

Which way on the climbing wall will you choose?

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    Hasse Karlberg
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