Sogeti Fasttracker - your highway into the IT sector

Are you a student and our next star? Do you have a passion for IT and technology, digitalization and innovation making you one of our future stars? Regardless of grade, favorite spaghetti, origin, gender, favorite operating system or app, we are looking for you and want to help you turn what you have learned in theory into practice. We want to give you an opportunity to get to work in the IT sector quickly.

Let us introduce to you our student ambassador program, Sogeti Fasttracker. We offer you as a chosen student, the chance to, during your final year of study, have an insight into the working life as an IT consultant, develop further towards your future professional role as well as an opportunity to get trained by and create a career at Sogeti as your future employer.

With us, you will get a large network, get invited to exclusive events and lectures, and may have the opportunity to sign an employment contract even before you graduate. In this way avoiding to have a gap between university/college and your future career. 

Together with other selected students around Sweden, you will get an opportunity to thrive in a large global company where your training is mixed with laughter, master thesis with interesting lectures, and certification studies that are combined with fascinating discussions about digitization, Virtual Reality, IoT, innovation, Cyber Security and Quality Assurance. We will teach you everything we know, even though our knowledge and expertise is not served on a silver platter. Quickly, you will understand that what you have learned in school is useful, but there is much more to learn.

Our offer 

  • A mentorship by Sogeti and the ability to transform theoretical knowledge into practice.
  • A unique opportunity to thrive in a large global company together with other selected students where further development is mixed with finalizing your thesis and interesting lectures.
  • Access to our local offices as well as an opportunity to build a network of colleagues and other students.
  • Certifications opportunities, Sogeti clothes, and access to the computer.
  • Participation in Sogeti events.
  • An opportunity for future employment as a consultant at Sogeti and an open door for an exciting thesis and praxis.
  • Access to our Sogeti "University" and its online training opportunities.
  • A common startup event is organized in Stockholm as a short introductory course with other selected students. During the course, you will be given the opportunity to network with colleagues across the country.

Our expectations 

With large personal commitment we want you to show your drive and passion, make yourself visible in our organization and to selected clients, but also at your university or college, showing that you want to be a key person in our company. You engage yourself in our events, at student events and contribute actively to help in our work towards students. In the long run, we would like for you to think outside of the box and come up with new ideas on how we can develop our cooperation with the academic world. Maybe you want to organize something by yourself? Maybe you want to be a speaker in front of students about what you have been learning as a Fasttracker? We also hope that you take advantage of our expertise, our network and create your own network at Sogeti, with other Fasttrackers around the country, but especially with your University.

  • A high level of commitment and responsibility for your own professional and consulting development.
  • Active participation in our marketing initiatives toward students.
  • You take advantage of our expertise and networks and build relationships with other selected students around the country but also with your university.
  • You come up with new ideas on how we can develop the cooperation with universities and against students.
  • You make yourself visible within Sogeti, at our customers, during your education and clearly show that you would like to become a key person in our company.
  • Together with the other Fasttrackers helps us to be visible in social media, e.g. by promoting our account on Instagram.

How to apply to be a Fasttracker

Each year we select a small number of students at universities in the vicinity of our offices that become our Sogeti Fasttrackers. Apply to become one of them! 

Apply here

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    Aron Östergård
    National Recuitment Lead
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