Mark Buenen - SAST Q4 2016, part 4 of 4

Listen to Mark Buenen present the World Quality Report 2016-17 and give his thoughts and insights in this video from SAST Q4 2016!

Sogeti’s Mark Buenen presents the World Quality Report 2016-17 at SAST Q4, in Stockholm, Sweden. He walks us through the six main chapters of the report - Digital Transformation, Internet of Things and Security Testing, Agile and DevOps, Industrilazation and Testing Centers of Excellence, Test Environments and Test Data Management, and QA and Testing Budget – and gives us some background for the report. He finishes by going through the key takeaways from the report, and putting them into a wider context.

4/4: Mark goes through the part of the report about QA and Testing Budgets, and finishes by going thorugh five key recommendations from the report, going into details and giving some background.

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  • Mattias
    Mattias Bergströmner
    Nationell Digital Assurance & Testing Lead
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  • Mark Buenen
    Mark Buenen
    Head of Global Testing and QA & HPE Partner Lead
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World Quality Report 2016-2017
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