IoT Kickstart

IoT Kickstart

The Sogeti IoT Kickstart is a highly optimized delivery model, making use of Sogeti IoT platform, to realize a small but quick working models, giving an earliest possible opportunity to our customers, to have look and feel of the product. Kickstart your journey to IoT in 4-5 weeks.

The Sogeti IoT platform is a ready-to-go platform that provides micro-services for various IoT networks including LoRa and NBIoT. Become a hero in your organization by quickly moving from idea to a tangible, working solution. Our IoT Kickstart include 5 steps.

5 quick steps to success

1. Study/Scope identification

  • what is happening in the world and in your industry
  • understand overall scope of system
  • brainstorm, define kickstart scope
  • define timelines, and deliverables
  • develop a high-level system architecture

2. Procurement/installation

  • procure required components
  • installation and configuration

3. Development 

  • setup IoT platform
  • develop UI, data presentation, integration with 3rd party platform/client platform

4. Demo workshop

  • demo of proof-of-concept
  • comments & feedback from end-users
  • discuss on edge scenarios, such as response time, payload, etc.

5. Wrap-up

  • discuss what worked well, what did not
  • discuss way forward, development scope

Fast way forward

With our kickstart you can move forward – fast. In 4-5 weeks you will have moved from idea to implemented prototype. 


Reach out to us of fill in the contact form below and kickstart your journey to IoT.

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