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Husqvarna + Startups

Welcome to the Husqvarna Group AI-Lab + our Applied Innovation Exchange call for startups!

Husqvarna Group AI and Digital innovation team, in collaboration with our partners in our Stockholm Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE), is open to collaborating with emerging technology companies creating change. This initiative offers direct access to co-innovating, piloting and testing new innovations across Husqvarna Group organization.

Husqvarna Group AI-lab is seeking to co-innovate with people building the FUTURE OF

We foresee the smart home to extend beyond the walls

We are playing an active role in the future of urban living

We aim to contribute to the betterment of future cities, where connected ecosystems merge into collaborative solutions

Some of the Earth’s greatest landscapes are serviced by Husqvarna Group. We aim to further the benefits of these spaces and protect these areas for generations to come. At Husqvarna Group, we believe the future of green landscapes will be formed with partners in the emerging tech ecosystem.

Questions? We have answers:

What kind of startup should be able to apply?

We are open to hearing from all types of startups!

  • AI applications (deep learning, image processing, NLP, etc.)
  • Consumer-centric smart home and smart city innovations
  • Sustainability (hardware and software)
  • Predictive/preventive hardware maintenance
  • Ecosystems layered on top of products

We are hoping your startup will:

  • Have strong technology building blocks & global market potential
  • Demonstrate a new way of thinking or develop a new business model approach to our core verticals
  • Contribute to a positive environmental & social impact
  • Be open to co-innovation with Husqvarna as a corporate partner if you are an earlier-stage startup

What stage startup should be able to apply?

Husqvarna Group AI-lab is open to engaging with startups from Seed/Series A to above. We understand there is a wide range of maturity in the future innovations we could partner with in the ecosystem. We are open to working with startups from all aspects, from pure vendor-client relationships to venture-client where we co-innovate to impact the future of our core verticals.

Is this an accelerator program?

Nope! We love a good accelerator, don’t get us wrong! We just want to create as many opportunities for innovation as possible and not close out any ideas with a deadline or timed selection process. We are working with startups on a rolling basis, so please feel free to contact us in the form below 24/7.

Want in? 

If you want to co-innovate with us, we want to hear from you! Share your elevator pitch and we will be in touch if we see a fit for Husqvarna’s innovation initiative.


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