Cloud CoE

Cloud Center of Excellence

Let us help you establish a Cloud Center of Excellence or run it as a service directly from Sogeti.

A Cloud Center of Excellence (Cloud CoE) is the torch bearer of your organizations Cloud adoption. It’s prime objective is to diminish the barrier between business and IT, creating a perfect balance among the strategy of both, acting as accelerator and facilitator for your business transformation.

  • Are you facing challenges from your organization with respect to Cloud adoption?
  • Are you having issues in managing the hybrid or multi Cloud environment and the Cloud providers?
  • Do you have the right design for Cloud that gives you the benefits of cost & agility?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, the key to solving your problems is having a Cloud CoE.


Cloud CoE – an overview

Multiple benefits

With the introduction of Cloud CoE, we open the doors of reusable automation, templates, best practices, solutions and services that support your business adopting Cloud and its services. We believe in starting small with a team of evangelists that understands the Cloud adoption framework and can help you: 

  • Define the new ways of working within the Cloud
  • Drive the cultural change in the organization
  • Developing reusable guidelines for design and governance
  • Review the new technologies for your organization
  • Design your Cloud architecture framework reference guide

Cloud CoE - Reference Architecture.png

Connect with us to get full speed ahead

Want to know more about our capabilities and how we can help you build the right Cloud CoE with the skills specifically needed for your organization? Reach out to us and our expert will guide you step by step.

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