Making the right choices in the ever-changing world of business applications

Making the right choices in the ever-changing world of business applications

A TECHFLIX on-demand webinar. Becoming a software company is easy if you start from scratch. But having to redesign your business with the shop open is a different ballgame. That’s especially so with a demanding business creating its own apps to meet the need for agility and speed.

While IT teams today are working hard to modernize their existing landscape, new platforms continually come along with great potential and flexibility.

Described by some as a ‘game changer’, the Microsoft Power Platform, an Application platform as a service, means that business teams can create their own functionality, with new apps designed to meet very specific needs – at pace. They no longer have to wait for the professional developers to give them the apps they need to steal a march on the competition, improve an inefficient process, or delight their customers with new and innovative concepts.

It sounds great doesn’t it? But IT leaders have some strategic choices to make about how to support the new and modernize existing functionality.

This episode will discuss how to approach this challenge:

  • What can we learn from early adopters in their journey in adopting this citizen developer approach?
  • What are the challenges and choices to be made along the way?
  • How do you organize the way IT supports business users to become ‘citizen developers’ and let them build their own apps consistently?
  • Why and how is Microsoft transforming its approach to bring the entire portfolio together to anticipate this business change?


Michiel Boreel, CTO, Sogeti Group
Jorik Abspoel, VP & Global Head of Digital, Sogeti
Charles Lemanna, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

Length: 40 min

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