5 cloud security myths challenged

Cybersecurity expert Robert Willborg comments on 5 myths on cloud security.

There are multiple myths about cloud security. Let me point out the top most frequent ones and share my point of view on each myth.

Myth 1

Security imposes constraints and slows down application development.

Reality: When you embed cloud security into the design of an application, it is a powerful differentiator for the business, enhancing app usability and building user trust. Using blueprints to automate security controls enables speed and accuracy, ensuring security matches business agility.

Myth 2

Security is an add-on.

Reality: Security is fundamental. Organizations shouldn’t build anything without first considering the security implications of doing so. Developers must balance new applications in the transformation to public cloud with security processes that match those changes, built from the ground up.

Myth 3

The cloud provider is responsible for security breaches.

Reality: The public cloud provider is responsible for the security of the cloud. The user is responsible for defining controls in the cloud. This includes encryption, network security, and identity access management.

Myth 4

Public cloud introduces greater risk.

Reality: Public cloud is an opportunity to strengthen your security, due to the many crowdsourced solutions developed for other customers, and the efficiency of security blueprints, which balance an organization's security requirements against the cultural challenge of integrating security into day to day deployment.

Myth 5

In the age of DevOps, the burden of security is shared between developers and IT admin.

Reality: This is only partly true. The developer’s job is to develop. That doesn’t mean they can forget about security. In fact, developers must work hand in hand with operations to understand how to integrate security into app design. But automation means developers can more easily focus on usability of the service, enhancing customer and employee experience.

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