Accelerating Utility Transformation through Blockchain

Rahul Tayal, our SogetiLabs expert, explains how utility companies can build trust with their customers, suppliers, regulators, and other stakeholders by applying blockchain based delta to an existing system.

In today’s world, utilities face the key challenges of fluctuating demand for energy, demand for improved and personalized customer service, increasing operating costs, cybersecurity issues, and meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Utilities across the globe, therefore, seek to change and leave behind their traditional way of running the business and operations. To do so, they are empowering themselves with digital tools and leveraging innovative solutions and enablers. Blockchain can be the key enabler that will address many of these challenges and become the technology of choice for this domain.

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  • Rahul Tayal
    Rahul Tayal
    Senior Manager | Blockchain | P&ES
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