AI as Business Accelerator

Imagine if you could double your workforce overnight. What would you do with it? Essy Dahlin writes about infusing Artificial Intelligence into your company DNA.

Most of the AI project we hear about are really cool and fun innovations that challenges the creative capabilities that we, in the past, considered to be reserved for humans. Capabilities like playing advanced games, painting pictures, writing poetry, composing music, and so on. We now know that computers can mimic us so well that we sometimes can't recognize the difference.

But how about taking AI to a more generic level of use, such as administration, case handling, business process development, marketing, and anomaly detection? Those are areas where all companies could benefit from implementing AI capabilities.

You'd be amazed to know how fast you can accelerate your own business with the help of AI. It's not something mysterious or magical about it. Simply new technology that will enhance every business area in the future. So why wait? Start now, and infuse AI into your company's DNA.

Läsvärt! "AI First"
  • Essy Dahlin
    Essy Dahlin
    Förändringsledare, verksamhetsutvecklare, digital strateg
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