"An overview of the RPA market and Blue Prism and UiPath tools"

With Robotic Process Automation(RPA) being the talk of the industry, there are a lot of tools that are being used. Our SogetiLabs Test Automation expert, Tuukka Virtanen gives us an overview of the different RPA tools being used.

Different estimates of the size of RPA, the software robot market, have been presented. According to some estimates, in 2019, the market for commercial RPA tools would be around $ 2.3 billion, up $ 4.3 billion by 2022 [1]. Other estimates predict that the market will be worth $ 8.75 billion in 2024 [2]. According to forecasts, the market is, therefore, growing and full of business opportunities, at least in the light of the figures, and it seems to believe investors.

According to Forrester’s 2017 survey, these markets are dominated by three tools: Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism and UiPath [3]. Automation Anywhere is currently the most widely used RPA tool, popular in the US, but less well known in Europe. Blue Prism has the second-largest market share, with a slightly smaller market share, and grabs UiPath, which has grown enormously. At the end of 2018, UiPath secured additional funding of $ 225 million and was estimated to be worth $ 3 billion [4].  Also in November, Automation Anywhere raised a $ 300 million investment from Softbank and was estimated to be worth $ 2.6 billion [5]. 

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