AM Gender

"Are the AM Robots Doing Gender?"

Are Autonomous mobile Robots Doing Gender? Read part 3/5 of the blog series by our SogetiLabs expert Kamel Abid to find out.

Today, there are currently two types of Autonomous mobile Robots. Those based on fleet management and systems that rely on picking optimization:

  • Fleet management solutions typically operate with bigger payloads and route statically the robots from an origin to a destination
  • Pick optimization robots to integrate the movement of machines and people in a process flow designed to increase picking throughput. Pick optimization robots to support picking cartons and totes and consequently have a small payload.

Autonomous Mobile Robots are mainly to address logistical problems

This way, designed by men for men decision-makers, AMRs today are foreseen in male concerned verticals: Military, industry, transport… but also household duties.

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