Beautiful Delivery Joins Business and IT

What happens when business and IT come together? SogetiLabs Fellow Christian Forsberg talks about it in his latest blog.

Since the beginning of information technology, there has been a difference between the “business” and the IT department. It’s been some kind of purchaser and supplier relationship that is not working very well anymore. IT has become a fundamental part of the business, and sometimes actually IS most of the business, e.g. a bank or an insurance company today is mostly an IT services company. This means that the relationship between business and IT needs to change,and IT needs to become an integral part part of the business. There have been numerous approaches suggested to accomplish this, and most of them involve the management of IT (CIO) and the other executives to start collaborating more.

Read the entire blog post and interact with Christian on SogetiLabs website.

  • Christian Forsberg
    Christian Forsberg
    Global Chief Architect, Sogeti/CTO Emerging Tech Capgemini Scandinavia
    070-593 03 18

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