Beautiful Delivery Process

With a focus on beautiful delivery every time, SogetiLabs Fellow Christian Forsberg diverts his focus on defining the agile process in his latest blogpost.

The most important thing about how the team works is that everyone is responsible for everything. It sounds obvious but it’s actually a profound difference with how most teams work. Think about it, if something needs to happen, there is no one to wait for, there no one to hand over to, and most importantly, there is no one to blame. There are simply things that need to be done, and someone in the team needs to do them. If no one else can do it, you have to do it yourself. It’s not relevant if you are the best at something, or even if you have the proper skills, you just have to try. Even if someone in the team does not perform or doesn’t work well with the others in the team, it’s still the team's collective problem to solve.

Read the entire blog and interact with Christian on SogetiLabs website.

  • Christian Forsberg
    Christian Forsberg
    Global Chief Architect, Sogeti/CTO Emerging Tech Capgemini Scandinavia
    070-593 03 18

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