Cognitive QA – From Idiocracy to Artificial Intelligence

With technology being advanced to an increasing level, this has led to the phenomenon of the explosion of AI and Cognitive tools. SogetiLabs expert Andrew Fullen is on an emotional journey while developing these cognitive tools for the clients and also states that it helps the team to focus on other important tasks ahead as the rest is taken care of by these tools.

Whenever anyone asks me to explain Cognitive QA and the tools we’re developing at Sogeti, it makes me think about the discovery that, over the past 20,000 years, the average volume of the human brain has decreased from 1,500cc to 1,350cc. Professor Gerald Crabtree, paleoanthropologist John Hawks, and Cognitive Scientist David Geary are amongst the scientists who’ve written research papers on the subject. There has been much debate in the scientific world, with little final conclusion, about whether this means our intellect is in decline and we are entering an “Idiocracy” (like the movie) or if it doesn’t, in fact, impact on our intelligence at all.

Whatever the truth is, one thing is for sure, technology has advanced to such a degree that, throughout the development lifecycle we are consistently being required to do more with less and do it faster, way beyond the capability of the human brain. This phenomenon has led to an explosion in the popularity of AI and Cognitive tools.  We’ve moved fairly quickly from a world where, as testers, we were working on 2-year projects and monolithic 3-month releases, to a requirement for releases every week or even every day.

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