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Converged Systems + Analytics = Transformation

Technology has always been about hardware and software. We’re coming out of a crucial, multidecade era during which enterprises focused on the two, separately.

More recently, though, the importance of transformation - and especially reducing the time-to-value of new systems - is driving a return to thinking about deploying hardware and software together.

Enterprises accrue significant benefits when their IT departments increase their focus on transformation. It’s not just a question of protecting the digital enterprise through high-availability solutions or using powerful analytics to detect and manage security threats. It’s also the idea of empowering the data-driven organization—that is, one that harnesses digital assets and enables data-driven decision-making for higher levels of innovation. Transformation also has a place in enabling workplace productivity while making data and collaboration tools available anywhere, from any device, with no degradation in performance. [...]


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Robert LeRoy
Robert LeRoy
Vice-President of Application Development in New Technology for Sogeti USA
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