Cyber Security – It’s your choice – Delay Windows and Device Updates or Put Your Business at Risk!

With the device being the most vulnerable and least secure point in the network, SogetiLabs Fellow Darren Baker puts in his thoughts on how we can secure our devices to be able to protect our business from a threat attack.

The most vulnerable and least secure point in your network is your device. It is the easiest avenue for cybercriminals, nation-state actors, and organized crime to steal your money, your intellectual property, and your identity. The majority of these attacks go undetected and unreported, but we all know where they start. Cybercriminals compromise your device and steal your credentials.

Normally as vulnerabilities are discovered, software companies are notified and given time to create patches or updates to prevent the creation of exploits and prevent new avenues of attack. As devices and operating systems become more complex, it is increasingly difficult to create fixes before the news gets out. Vulnerabilities discovered in hardware take even longer to correct since the update to the design of the silicon needs to go through testing and certification before it goes to manufacturing and makes its way to hardware OEMs and into devices.

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