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Defi H Series (Part 1): Orthofunny to help kids with speech disability

In this series, we are going to showcase the innovative solutions for disabled people created by students of French IT Schools and Universities, at the Defi H 2015 competition, organized by Sogeti France.

In the first article of the series, we will present the winning solution Orthofunny. 

What triggered the need?

Language is the medium that establishes the social link and maintains family bonds. Losing it leads to isolation. Those disorders have to be corrected as soon as possible in order to allow academic achievement and professional integration.

What is it?

Orthofunny is a Web application that allows speech therapists to follow up their young patients outside of appointments and above all to offer exercises that suit their disorders. The exercises were designed to be fun but and were overseen by our ORTHOFUNNY_landingpagepartners speech therapists who provided us advice in the design. [...]


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