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Defi H Series (Part 4): Hospitalized children to find a new friend in “Cherry”

In the fourth article of the series, we discuss how Cherry, a small humanoid robot – developed by the team that won the Public Award at the Defi H Competition – will help hospitalized children break social isolation and stay engaged in fun activities.

The motivation

“What is feared, above all, when children arrive at the hospital is isolation. For them, this is a moment when the bond with family and schoolmates can be broken. It could bring about a mental dropout and this is an extremely tough moment, which could lead to a high level of stress” said Professor Claire Majoufre, a surgeon at the CHU of Bordeaux.

More about Cherry

The team aims to demonstrate the abilities of Cherry in breaking social isolation for hospitalized children. In the long run, this robot would be able to talk to children, suggest games or exercises and help them communicate with their parents, friends and schoolmates. To sum up, it would act like a roommate for kids that would be both useful and fun to be with!

Cherry is envisioned to perform the following tasks in the future:

  1. Relay medical messages
  2. Break isolation with its presence
  3. Provide school monitoring
  4. Encourage communication with the environment
  5. Ease communication with the outside world [...]


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