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"DevOps - what it is and isn’t"

Can't define DevOps? SogetiLabs expert Pushpalata Mestry shares some broad guidelines on what DevOps is, and what it isn’t.

As consultants working on DevOps transformations, we often get approached by people who ask me for a DevOps framework or solution that they can take back and implement in their organizations. Personally, I sometimes feel at a loss on how to answer such questions, as different organizations typically have different toolchains and it would not make sense to change those toolchains just to fit your framework. Instead, one needs to bridge these toolchains, make them talk to each other and implement feedback mechanisms. Thus, every organization requires a solution that is tailored to meet their specific needs and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ framework when it comes to DevOps.

Unfortunately, such misplaced expectations are all too common and reflect a widespread understanding of what DevOps is and what it isn’t. Such unrealistic expectations often lead to unsatisfactory client engagements, where, even with experienced consultants, a good plan, and the appropriate toolchains, it becomes difficult to implement DevOps in the client’s organization. To avoid such situations, it is best to be clear about what DevOps is and the results it can produce before embarking on any transformation journey.

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  • Pushpalata Mestry
    Pushpalata Mestry
    Director - Automotive, DevOps, Embedded Product Development | India