"DevOps: The Death of Testers"

“The future of testers is in defining and governing quality processes, and in employing technology to industrialize our old, manual ways.” SogetiLabs expert Alistair Gerrard predicts that DevOps might be the death of testing. Do you agree?

Traditionally testers have mitigated development risk by checking the quality of software prior to deployment into production environments, helping prevent defects from impacting the end-users of systems. This has been done through manual testing, and these roles are rapidly dying out.

Over time the risk testers take responsibility to mitigate have morphed from internal systems to public facing interfaces, where a missed defect now has the potential to impact a business’s reputation, and therefore it’s revenue, all the more so for those firms which have made their mark by upsetting the status quo using technology.

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    Alistair Gerrard
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