"Digital Therapeutics Develops the Health Care Industry"

In this blogpost, our SogetiLabs expert Dr. Richa Dayal writes about how digital apps are now entering the healthcare industry.

When we go to a doctor, he examines us and prescribes a list of drugs that we need to take to get cured.  Such prescriptions of drugs alone are soon fading away. A new class of Disease Management Apps is now been prescribed. This is Digital Therapeutics-Software Products that are being used for the treatment of medical conditions.

Most wellness apps can be directly sold to customers, once developed. Digital Therapeutics once developed, follows an R&D path just like drug development where regulatory approval has to be sought. Their evaluation is done in clinical studies. They are then prescribed by a medical provider. They are restricted to be used by patients only and are focussed on delivering clinical outcomes.

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  • Richa Dayal
    Richa Dayal
    Senior Consultant | Medical Solutions | P&ES India