Do You Want to Achieve Digital Transformation? Don't Keep Fox Guarding the Henhouse

Albert Tort, our SogetiLabs expert, shares insights on how organizations can make their Digital Transformation journey smoother and quicker than other companies.

A couple of days ago, I was showing the TED talk titled: “How to break bad management habits before they reach the next generation of leaders” by Elizabeth Lyle. This made me realize that a lot of companies are laying huge emphasis on Digital Transformation, but really the point is that many of them are still doing what they did in the beginning. Therefore the conclusion is that they have wasted a lot of money on external consultants only to paint the facade.

In my own case, I know many other companies that are following the schedule provided by an external partner to be compliant with this Digital Transformation. At Sogeti, we work very closely with the customers to avoid these issues and provide real added value in order to achieve the outcome.

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