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Four Things We Learn from Tabletop Wargames to Test IoT

I am a big fan of playing (strategic) tabletop wargames. I play all kinds of settings: fantasy, science fiction or historical (for example I play: Warhammer, Frostgrave, Star Wars X-wing and Flames of War) and aside from playing games I like to collect and paint miniatures to use in those games.

Looking at tabletop wargames, they can be decomposed into a couple of components:

  1. a rulebook,
  2. the miniatures,
  3. a table with scenery and
  4. the players.

Where is the link to the Internet of Things (IoT) you might ask? As I am playing these games for many years I noticed a trend when a new game (system) is released. Here starts the big analogy with IoT solutions. The following steps come by when a new game is introduced.

  • New rules defined. A new game is defined by a new rule set (or rulebook). This can be bought and players can collect their own miniatures and scenery to play with. This is part of the hobby and fun to do.
  • Building up the environment. A lot of miniatures and scenery is collected and painted before the first game is played but even more is added when the first games are played. New tactics call for new miniatures all the time!
  • Game experiences exchanged. After some time more and more players have played with the new rule set and online forums are filling with questions, personal reviews, miniature guides, rants and thoughts on interpretation of the rules. Often so called house-rules become largely accepted and the initial rule set changes in the tabletop wargames community.
  • New versions/expansions released. Based on all the feedback from the field a new version is released. Specific magical weapon combinations may be too powerful and need to be more expensive or the game is so successful an expansion with new space ship pilots is introduced. [...]


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