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Hosting Your Own dHackathon – Design Thinking in Action

My SogetiLabs colleagues Sergio Compean, David Yancey and I recently hosted our first dHackathon (design thinking hackathon) for the consultants in our Sogeti North Texas office. When you hear the word hackathon you may think programming, but this event was purely focused on learning early stage design concepts (empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test).

We had 21 participants. Much to everyone’s delight the dHackathon was a huge success. Participants learnt a great deal about the design process which had been a mystery. We had designers, developers, project managers, testers, administrators and business people attend from practices as diverse as Digital Transformation, Infrastructure, Software Development & Integration, and Testing. To have a little fun we had a small batch of t-shirts made up and everyone purchased their own.

Within 90 minutes of the start of the event everyone had paired up to complete a mini-version of the design thinking process end-to-end. Over the rest of the day teams formed to ideate and create some amazing UX (user experience) designs as low fidelity mockups on paper, wipeboard and in mockup tools like Balsamiq and UXPin. The solutions they built hold the promise of becoming future solutions for our local clients. [...]


To read the whole post and interact, please visit the SogetiLabs blog: Hosting Your Own dHackathon – Design Thinking in Action

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