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How a strange customer journey leads to process mining

A few weeks ago I needed to visit a Dutch hospital. I had an appointment at 14.30, nothing serious, just a check.

Arriving in the waiting room at 14.20 I had to pick a number. At that moment I turned from André Helderman into number 452. There were 3 desks. On a screen I saw number 452 had to go to desk 1 to register, so intuitively I walked to the left. Then I looked up and saw this:

Stupid me, obviously the desks are numbered from an employee perspective, not from a client perspective. I corrected myself and walked to the desk on the right side. A pretty strange customer journey, already during the first seconds.

Of course the waiting room is not the core business for a hospital, getting proper medical treatment is much more important, but it does make clear that this hospital organization is thinking inside out instead of outside in. [...]


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