"Incremental Test Automation Development – Synergies with Non-Test Automation Engineer Activities"

In his latest blog, SogetiLabs expert Toni Kraja talks about the dedication of the test automation engineers while implementing SDLC into test automation strategy. Read more.

In my preceding article, I mentioned the usage of Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC) for incremental implementation of a test automation solution (TAS). Also, the article speaks about the Test Automation Engineer (TAE) qualification offered by the International Software Testing Qualification Board® (ISTQB®). Test teams are usually interdisciplinary and a congregation of several specialists and field experts, including a test automation engineer. When implementing an SDLC into the test automation strategy, it should be clear that this will also mean full team dedication towards its success – as in any software implementation process, multiple roles are required to be fulfilled.

In this article, I assume the basic example of a TAS SLDC (see figure 1) being applied synchronously to the SLDC of a System under Test (SUT). As per TAE syllabus (see references) such structures could be much more complex.

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