"Is AI Doing Gender?"

How do we know whether AI is Gender or not? SogetiLabs expert Kamel Abid writes a 5 part series of blogs. Here's part 2/5.

Before we engage in a discussion with Alexa or any other AI, let’s see what happened in the last article. As detailed in my previous post, the actual Gender situation has been culturally shaped by heterosexual patriarchs throughout the last millennials. All the differences we think of between male and female are just stereotypes, grouped into human culture. Furthermore, Gender is a component of intersectionality. Gender is one among various factors that generate these different dynamics (intersectionality) in a planned society.

If you are a “simple” user of Alexa or “OK Google” you may think that there is a real intelligence inside these little devices. Thanks to Eva Holmquist (Sogeti Sweden) and Rik Marselis (Sogeti Netherlands) last post, we have a deeper view on AI guts.

Read the entire blog post and interact with Kamel on the SogetiLabs website.

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