"Is exoskeleton Doing Gender?"

In this 4 part of the 5 part series, our SogetiLabs expert Kamel Abid talks about the exosuits innovations and what role they play in defining the gender gap.

Despite the biological difference between a male and a female, we know that all the stereotypes supporting differences between men and women are purely cultural. We’ve acknowledged in previous articles also that Gender can’t be dissociated from Intersectionality.

Exoskeleton Report

We’ve seen that, on a Gender perspective, promising AI does not bring real support to Gender cause. On the other hand, Autonomous Mobile robots, supposed to upkeep our heterosexual patriarchal world, is to be a strong facilitator for more equity between men and women in the future.

What about the future use of an external wearable framework that acts as amplifiers that augment, reinforce or restore human performance? I mean exoskeletons. Let’s be clear.

Read the entire blog post and interact with Kamel on the SogetiLabs website.

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