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"Kickstart, Upgrade and Evolve!"

Are you running Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 or AX 2009? The support has already expired or will soon do. Sogeti ERP expert Daniel Wredenberg shares how to take your current solution and upgrade it to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations with minimal effort.

You know that you must plan for the future, but on the other hand you are satisfied with your current solution. Over the years your business processes have been fine-tuned and everything is running stable. You must decide if you should continue to run your old unsupported version or start the implementation journey again. What if you could take your current solution and upgrade it to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations with minimal effort?

At Sogeti we have created an offering we call Sogeti Kickstart for Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Upgrade Track - which addresses those customers running older versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX and who want a simple and efficient alternative to upgrade to the latest version.

Many customers we have done a great job defining best practice processes for their specific business scenarios. In these situations, there is no point in changing these. Instead we have developed tools and methodologies that can be used to upgrade your current configuration and processes to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations with minimal effort. Using our offering you will also be able to overcome the problems when using Microsoft upgrade scripts which only supports Microsoft Dynamics 2012 R2 and forward, or if you are using deprecated features such as virtual companies or data partitions.

In a short period of time we can have the new solution, with your upgraded business processes and master data in place. A series of Conference Room Pilots will be conducted to validate the upgraded processes as well as challenging existing modifications with standard functionality.

And there is icing on the cake! Following this approach, you will not only be able to upgrade your current solution rapidly. But you will also gain the possibility to evolve your current solution using the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations together with the Power Platform.

Feel free to connect with me to learn more!

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    Daniel Wredenskog
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade Kickstart
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