model-based testing

"Model-based testing in Darmstadt"

Our SogetiLabs expert Tuukka Virtanen shares his experience at a hackathon where he has known a testing term for a long time and had a practical experience about the same. Read the blog to know more.

This summer I had the pleasure to attend Sogeti’s test automation event in Darmstadt, Germany. The event brought together test automation professionals from different parts of Europe, from Denmark to Luxembourg, to share their test automation experiences, practices, tools and ideas. There is something special in meeting a person face to face who has previously been just a name in an email. There was also something special in the topics presented at the event. The organizers from CA/Broadcom had planned a model-based testing hackathon for us.

Model-based testing is the logical endpoint of model-based design. If the system under test can be adequately described as an abstract model, the abstract model can be used as the basis for creating test cases for the system. This means that the test cases can be derived programmatically from the abstract model. And this means saving time and resources.

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