Musings of a Tester

Dedicating 20 years of his life to testing, SogetiLabs expert Benoit Heib writes this blog explaining how the field of testing has adapted to the changing environment.

With twenty years of my life dedicated to the field of Testing now, of which 12 years were in Capgemini, I could go on and on about the subject. I started out as a consultant for Testing projects and organizations and eventually graduated to Business Development and Pre Sales. Today, I meet a lot of customers facing new challenges in Testing due to the emergence of digital technologies and the way they have to deliver in production, using agile or DevOps philosophy. This is where my time is spent as an evangelist for Testing Centers of Excellence, such as the Sogeti European Software Test Center in France, which is an entity dedicated for testing projects for all Capgemini & Sogeti clients across Europe. It is an exciting time for us as we look into the business development for this Test factory, with ~160 people working in France and ~30 people from Morocco. I work on pre-sales, proposals and business models, talking to different customers and trying to address their challenges with a pragmatic and added-value solution. We provide the Testing tools & services for a wide array of Industrial testing areas like functional, web & mobile, automation, integration, performance and every day is one more step toward meaningful collaboration for our customers.

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  • Benoit Heib
    Benoit Heib
    Business Developer European Software Test Center | France
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