Never Mind Why! Let’s get an AI

Every time a technology is created to help us fix a problem, they come back haunting us before they are even sent to the market. SogetiLabs expert Andrew Fullen feels the same and shares how AI can haunt us if fed with wrong information.

Reading through the Quality Characteristics report (—quality-characteristics.pdf), It struck me that every time we create a new technology to help us fix a problem, many of the same problems – knowledge gaps, hype, high cost/low return, and products rushed to market before they or the market are ready – come back to haunt us.  And they always bring new “friends” tagging along as well.

Now we have a situation in which an AI can produce answers that we cannot validate because it has been learning or seeing things that we cannot see or learn. This is both a problem and an opportunity because, while the answer may be correct for the AI, it is not necessarily correct for the user or the business.

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    Andrew Fullen
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