New Report Alert: In Code We Trust

In this report, SogetiLabs expert Thijs Pepping addresses three urging trust issues: the abuse of monopoly power, manipulation with fake news, and the lack of sovereignty over one’s own data and identity. Since there is a great deal of money being invested in the blockchain, use cases are abundant, and the crisis of trust is playing into the hands of blockchain.

One week ago, the inventor of the world wide web, Tim Berners- Lee, announced his new project Solid. For quite some while he was talking about how the internet was broken, and now he brings the solution, together with MIT. Solid “aims to radically change the way Web applications work today, resulting in true data ownership as well as improved privacy.”

This project, which aims to give data-control back to people, comes in a time where data is the new oil and the data organizations are the new oil barons. It is telling that we call the companies that trade data “barons”. The word “baron” expresses the balance of power between those companies and the individual user. The five largest organizations – Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft – are even called “The Frightful Five”. With half of the world’s population online Tim Berners- Lee, now wonders whether it is wise to connect the second half of the population. What is going on here?

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