"Planning for failure isn’t always about avoiding it"

Failure is bad, but it can have a different perspective as well. Our SogetiLabs expert Richard Fall explains about it in his latest blog. Read here.

In the lexicon of most developers, testers, and product owners “failure” is something to be studiously avoided.

As IT professionals we have developed entire systems and philosophies to ensure that failure does not result from the use of our work products. Test-Driven Design. Six Sigma. Continuous Integration. Automated Testing. And on and on.

This is certainly a good thing. None of us want what we work so assiduously to deliver to fail to perform to expectations. Our continued ability to delight clients depends on it. So, in some cases, do the lives of members of the public who fly on the planes, wear the pacemakers, and drive the vehicles that contain the end-results of our work.

Read the entire blog post and interact, Richard, on the SogetiLabs website.

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