Robot Framework

"Robot Framework"

What makes Robot Framework better than other traditional keyword driven frameworks? Our SogetiLabs expert Toni Kraja explains about the advantages here.

There exists a vast amount of test automation frameworks. As innovations move forward, the usage of traditional keyword driven frameworks is more and more considered as being outdated. Not all keyword driven frameworks are actually on a standstill. An example of a continuously improved and updated framework is Robot Framework which developed from a niche product to a powerful open-source state of the art tool. As some other frameworks slowly deprecate, Robot Framework counts on high extensibility and has also recently included robotic process automation (RPA) into its portfolio.

Robot Framework is actively supported by its community and is platform-independent, being implemented in python.  

Read the entire blog post and interact with Toni on the SogetiLabs website.

Robotic Process Automation
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    Toni Kraja
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