The Agile Coach In Beautiful Delivery

SogetiLabs Fellow Christian Forsberg is passionate about “Beautiful Delivery” and the importance of agile coaches. Tips and tricks from our global lead architect.

Based on my work on Beautiful Delivery with autonomous cross-functional teams (for more details, see Use Beautiful Delivery to Speed Up Your Digital Transformation), I have set out to define the different roles in a bit more detail. This time I will focus on the Agile Coach.

The main responsibility of the Agile Coach is to make sure that everyone in the team works efficiently together. It’s kind of the opposite of the traditional manager that assigned and followed-up on tasks. Just to make the point of not being the manager, I often say that the ultimate goal for the Agile Coach is to make herself obsolete.

Read the entire blogpost and interact with Christian on the SogetiLabs website.

  • Christian Forsberg
    Christian Forsberg
    Global Chief Architect, Sogeti/CTO Emerging Tech Capgemini Scandinavia
    070-593 03 18

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