two-dimensional test data

"Two-Dimensional Test Data: Bring Test Process and Test Execution Data together in Synergy with cognitive QA"

In the recent blog post, our SogetiLabs expert Daniël Maslyn writes about how we can bring the test process and test data along with Cognitive QA.

According to the2018-2019 World Quality Report, one of the biggest challenges facing organizations is the development and management of test data. With the advent of AI systems being utilized to aid testing, the Testing sphere will be undergoing a massive shift where the Data used as the source for AI-based testing systems becomes critical.

In the book “Testing in The Digital Age”, the Authors point out the importance of the link between AI making a difference in Testing when of course the AI is supported by reliable data and good algorithms which can learn from that data and here a focus is put on the data coming from Test Management tools and other archives which focus primarily on the Test Data from the test design and test execution phases and show a great many ways AI can help make the difference in choosing test cases based on risks identified in the requirements and successive test run data (Pass/ Fail rate) as well as anticipating defect based on the data trends found in the defect tracking data . But what about the synthesis and synergy of these two types of “Test “Data?

Read the entire blog post and interact with Daniël on the SogetiLabs website.

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