When AI “goes bad”

As businesses are rushed to use AI for improving the cost of their services, our SogetiLabs expert Richard Fall explains as to what might happen when AI fails.

The benefits of the wider use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are clear to the businesses that are rushing to make use of it.

We see chatbots that are replacing humans in customer service roles, reducing costs of operation for the businesses that employ them.

We see personalized selections on social media, entertainment channels, and e-commerce sites that tailor the offerings to the user’s behaviors, providing a more targeted selection of items.

We see it when we use Google maps for providing directions to a destination.

These are among the more visible uses of AI–visible in the sense that, if we take a moment to think about the “man behind the curtain”, we know that there must be an AI component that produces the results we see. Netflix recommendations are a good example of this.

There are, unsurprisingly, more “hidden” uses of AI–systems in which AI is a component but which we, as beneficiaries of that use, are unaware.

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