Webinar: Facing the new normal in cybersecurity - are you prepared?

In this webinar, we will share our expertise across various cybersecurity topics including preventive actions to enhance cyber crisis readiness, deter data leaks, fraud threats, cyber attacks risks and how to respond rapidly to emerging cyber risks.

kalendar den 29 april 2020 15:00 - 15:45
kalendar Online

Facing the new normal in cybersecurity - are you prepared?

As we all grapple with how to work through this challenging time, we are rapidly adapting to a "New Normal" when it comes to conducting business.

To slow the spread of the Coronavirus, many companies are having their teams work from home. This is certainly the right move from a public health and safety standpoint, but it does come with some unique challenges and growing pains.

We must adapt as quickly as possible so that we can keep our people safe and our businesses open for as long as it takes to beat this pandemic with new cyber threats.


TECHFLIX Webinar Series
  • Therese Sinter - Nordisk, SVE
    Therese Sinter
    Kommunikations- och marknadsdirektör, Sogeti Norden
    +46 70 361 46 21

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