BootCamp #2 - inställt

BootCamp #2 - inställt

Bootcamp for all colleagues in Sweden!

kalendar Lördag 18 april kl. 09:00 - Söndag 19 april kl. 15:00
kalendar Barsebäck Resort Järavallen

Mot bakgrund av den nuvarande situationen kring Coronaviruset (COVID-19) och enligt Capgemini-koncernens förebyggande riktlinjer, har vi beslutat att ställa in detta evenemang.

Finally, now it is time for a second bootcamp! First one was a success and we are happy to present a follow-up.
During the weekend we will focus on delivering digital solutions with new ways of working (autonomous, cross-functional, agile, etc) and new tech (cloud, microservices, serverless, nosql, responsive web, devops, etc).
The theme for the weekend will be data transparency and data privacy.

We will split up in a number of teams, with a product owner, agile coach, cloud devopers, and a backlog of user stories to prioritize, define, implement, and automatically build, test, deploy, and run. After a general overview, each team will do a sprint planning, and then start iterating, with standups each hour, and a live demo and retrospective at the end of each day.

To get more details on this way of working, please check out this.

Just like us, this is on your own time, but we have management backing us with a place to be, food, drinks, and a place to sleep, and you only need to convince your manager to pay for the travel to Malmö and a small fee of 3 500 SEK for accommodation etc.

If you are interested in joining us, make your registration at latest March 18th, there is a limited number of seats so first come first served.

This is a crazy good chance to boost your career, and connect with awesome people, DON'T MISS OUT!
If you are still in doubt, please check this out, it is a video showing how fun we had last time. 

    Best regards,
    Hannes, Johan, Tony

    Any doubts contact Hannes Granat,


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