<b>Welcome to bootcamp #2 in March, finally!</b>

Welcome to bootcamp #2 in March, finally!

Deep dive in new technology and ways of working.

kalendar Lördag 19 mars kl. 09:00 - Söndag 20 mars kl. 15:00
kalendarBåstad, Hotel Riviera Strand

We have been overwhelmed over the interest shown and all seats are now filled. You can still use the register-form below to show interest in potential spare seats in case of cancellations.  And if you don’t get a seat; - There will be a new Bootcamp in June timeframe so stay tuned!

After the great success in November 2019 the bootcamp is back! Take the opportunity to deep dive in new technology and ways of working. Connect with your colleagues, making new friends and having loads of fun!

It is time to re-start the concept for bootcamps. It will be a recurrent event. Each bootcamp will have a separate focus/theme but the basic idea behind the bootcamp will not change.

People - We will have fun! Pushing ourselves to go one step extra. Meet new people and build on our network, there will be people from all over Sogeti Sweden, and also hopefully this time some international guests.

Technology - Deep dive in technology and ways of working. Having the time to learn more and try out things in a “real” scenario. Something that you can bring to our clients. 

Business - We are a strong believer in the bootcamp concept, and how it will contribute to our clients and help the society in big (based on what theme we are aiming for).

Theme - The retail industry is changing quicker than ever. Every retailer don´t just need a website, they need a really good website. We will learn how to work with dynamic prices, content systems and using AI to recommend products. Using node.js, react.js and google cloud. Please note, we are doing this for Sogeti to learn and develop but we will have a client joining us for part of the session. Anna Tojkander, Digital Product Manager, from Clas Ohlson will join us during Saturday and share around their digital transformations and what is important on their journey.

Just like us, this is on your own time, but we have great food, a great location and great beds. Cost 7 500 SEK incl accomodation, food, etc, a bargain considering the venue! Just ask for your team mgrs approval in advance.

Please sign-up before 31th January. Note max 40 people can join, so be quick to sign-up! And all roles are needed in the bootcamp, don´t be shy! We plan to arrange a bootcamp every quarter. So if all event seats are taken when you register or if the dates do no suit you, there will be new opportunities during the year.

What happens if Corona makes a comeback and we cannot meet up?
We are working with a back-up plan to ensure we don´t have to cancel. We really believe in this concept and after been on “paus” for over 2 years we want to run this event. We have a plan A, B and C to be sure we make it happens!

Don´t miss out to boost your career, meet great people and learn new things!  

Karl Bosund, Christian Forsberg and Hannes Granat

PS! Check out last year's Bootcamp here​ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v-L_es2XME

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