Where does the Cloud live?

Where does the Cloud live?

Cloud is a key enabler for success.

kalendar Wednesday, May 12 at. 13:00 - 15:00

Cloud is a key enabler for success. We would like to invite you to a highly interactive Cloud-focused event where you will not only getting the latest updates, but also be able to discuss your main Cloud topics with your peers. You will also hear from the experts at our close partner Microsoft that runs Cloud Data Centers and companies that have migrated to the Cloud, a discussion fueled by our own experts.

The conversational-focused event, where you as a participant can easily interact with your peers, will be hosted by our global CTO Michiel Boreel. Experts such as Gérard van der Burg, Microsoft Data Center Evangelist, Clemens Reinen, global CTO of Cloud and others will be a part of the event.

The world is overflooded with digital events, so we put strong efforts into creating an event that is sharp, to the point and highly relevant for you. Therefore, the last point on the agenda, will be decided by our audience, through a short 3-question survey in the registration form below. 


  • Introduction: Where does the Cloud Live?
  • Main decision points before moving to the Cloud
  • Concrete examples on how companies have managed Cloud pitfalls
  • Top Cloud enablers to accelerate your Cloud adoption
  • Cloud Boost through DevOps and Automation 
  • Tailored content defined by you

We hope this conversational and interactive event, with tailored content, will be of interest to you.
A warm welcome!

When moving to Cloud, what are your main decision points?
Do you have a Cloud First strategy?
What is the main reasons for moving to cloud?
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