Take advantage of the latest trends in testing and quality assurance!

kalendar 14th of November in Helsingborg and 15th of November in Lund, between 12.00-13.00 and we offer a lighter lunch
kalendar Helsingborg - Mindpark, Bredgatan 11
      Lund - Medicon Village, Scheelevägen 2

We would like to invite You to a lunch seminar presenting the findings from the World Quality Report (WQR). Presenter is Mark Buenen, co-writer of the report and our Head of Global Digital Assurance and Testing.

In the 9th edition of the WQR there is evidence that your peers are learning to strike the balancce. Up to 41% of its sample shows a return to the main objectives of QA & Testing - to improve the overall quality of processes, products and software. Call it mean-reversion or historic recurrence; the leaders are going back to basics.

As a participant in our seminar you will get the entire report with you home.

WQR 2017-18: Key Findings

  • Increasing challanges with testing in an agile development
  • Test budgets are falling but are expected to rise again
  • Test automation is on the way to intelligent, smart and cognitive QA
WQR 2017-18: Key Recommendations
  • Invest in smart QA and Test platforms
  • Define a strategy for QA analytics on an enterprise level
  • Support DevOps teams and agile development by transforming QA and Test function
​More findings & recommendations to be presented and discussed at the seminar.


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